Lake Plan

Our BBLCA Lake Plan is now complete. The purpose of the Plan is to identify and protect the Big Bald Lake's special areas, features and characteristics through community stewardship and enhanced land-use planning policies.

The Plan was produced largely through countless hours spent by a dedicated group of volunteers. Thank you to all those involved.

Finally, the Plan is meant to be a living document, evolving as time passes and circumstances change. We welcome those interested in helping with its implementation.

In the summer of 2011, we undertook an inventory of watershed streams, which are vital to the life and health of the lake. The stream survey is now registered and is part of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources database. Future work may include a detailed wetland survey of the lake. We have also discussed the possibility of doing an endangered species survey, but any of these surveys may require substantial contributions to our environmental fund.

Lake Plan Documents

Lake Plan - Feb 22, 2010

Lake Plan Map

Big Bald Lake Wetland Investigations - June 2012

Big Bald Lake Big Bald Lake Stream and Wetland Investigations (July and September 2011)